What we do

Our work in the United Arab Emirates includes oil development and production activities as well as lubricants and petrochemicals marketing for the Middle East and North Africa region.

Abu Dhabi plays a vital role in supplying the world’s growing energy needs. With its industry-leading technical expertise, ExxonMobil, working in ZADCO, is committed to the application of the technologies that will help meet this challenge.

ExxonMobil is working with our partners to expand the development of one of the world’s largest offshore oil fields.

Our affiliates in the United Arab Emirates include Exxon (Al-Khalij) Inc., ExxonMobil Abu Dhabi Offshore Petroleum Company, Ltd., ExxonMobil Middle East Marketing Corp. and ExxonMobil Chemical Middle East & Africa.

The center is managed and operated by ExxonMobil staff as an integrated part of the ZADCO organization.  It promotes research and collaboration between ZADCO and ExxonMobil professionals.